Quality Control

Incoming Inspection 01

Incoming inspection is established to audit the raw material, to make sure the raw material could fulfill the high quality standard of products. All inspectors are required to have rich work experience undergo professional training and take exams will be arranged by per month.

During the inspection, we pay extra attention to housing case, screen surface material, roller, motor and PCB. If any damages have occurred, we sort out the flawed parts and report to our suppliers in order, avoiding similar issues related to raw materials.

Inspection Before Packaging 02

Inspectors will check every piece of screen when the screen assembling is finished, it’s quite important at the whole screen production.

As everyone knows, the professional inspectors and the precise instruments are quite important for production, our inspectors are known for high skill in quality control and the instruments we are using acquired the professional certificate, the job content of the inspectors are mainly to measure the size of the viewing area and black drop, test the control system, clean the screen surface and so on, the screen will be returned to related department once some problems arose in the inspection progress.

Random Inspection 03

We perform random inspection after all production are finished and packed, some cartons will be opened, the inspectors must follow our inspection standard to ensure the high quality of screens, if some questions happened, the rest of screens will be arranged completed inspection and the questions will be shared to all related departments, the questions will be avoided in the next order.

We also pay much attention to the reliable of package, countless tests to check if the package could cope with the terrible transportation, we are always collect innumerable feedbacks from our clients, at present we have wide variety of choices for package, such as, normal carton, normal carton with four corners protection, double carton, high quality carton (imported quality), wooden package (engineering screen), we could also provide the customization service if below packages couldn’t satisfy our clients.

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