ODM Service


After receiving a product concept, our R&D department will do a quick evaluation, and then we will meet with the customer in person or via video conferencing to discuss the project.


After the meeting, our R&D engineers will design the product and it’s packaging and send our drawings to the customer for review and modification. After the design drawings have been approved, we will produce a sample product for testing. When our testing is completed, we will deliver a sample to the customer for review and approval.


Our experts will share their knowledge and experience, while seeking to understand and implement your business objectives. After the conclusion of the meeting you will be provided with a proposal and estimate for the services.

As partners with you in inventing and producing a new screen, our driving vision is to ensure a profitable, high quality product which your customers will enjoy using.

04.Mass Production

Once the pre-production sample has been approved by the customer, we will open mould if necessary (requiring about 2-3 weeks). Our engineers assist the production department during the pilot-run, and also perform quality approval examinations.


We use market feedback from our customers to continue optimizing the product.
At the same time, we ourselves will be proactively looking for ways to improve the product’s functionality, appearance, packaging, or other aspects.

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