Ultra Thin Projector Lift, CM100DL/200DL

Ultra Thin Projector Lift, CM100DL/200DL

  • CM 100DL
  • CM 100DL

Ultra Thin Projector Lift, CM100DL/200DL

Different from the commonly-available scissors structure, CM series motorized projector lift is using double-armed structure made from aluminum alloy, which can avoid the front-to-back and side-to-side swing problem.

Hanging claws can fit to mount major of the projectors in the market and is easy for regulating to the proper position.

Easy assembly and disassembly provide an efficient workability.


Product Specification

Type: Double-arm Motorized Lift Double-arm Motorized Lift
Arm’s Sections: 3 sections/ arm 5 sections/ arm
Main Body Size: 730x730x297.5mm 730x730x389.5m
Cut-out Size: 800x800mm (customizable) 800x800mm (customizable)
Travel Distance:Travel Distance: 300-1090mm 390-1980mm
Built-in Cable: AC power cord AC power cord
Weight Capacity: 50kgs 50kgs
Control Options: RF, RS232/485, 12V Trigger RF, RS232/485, 12V Trigger

Size Chart

CM100 200DL
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