Shine A Motorized

Motor in roller design - Special Motor in roller design keeps quiet and smooth operation.
Silent operation - All Seemax motorized screens use a special rubber antinoise and antivibration mechanism on the roller.This mechanism greatly absorbs and reduces the impact and ensures a quiet and smooth operation.Even after extensive testing of the high quality core of over ten thousand revolutions, the motor remains durable and efficient.
Equipped with quiet motor - Equipped with quiet motor keeps a quiet operation.
Unique roller design ensures the flattest screen surface - Large diameter rollers ensure long-term screen integrity providing  a consistent flat projection surface.
Custom size - Black border are all around the screen fabric.Standard large upper black drop for format at 16:9 and 2.35:1. Customer-required format or black border is acceptable.
Equipped with standard 3 button in-line switch - All Seemax control systems are available for this model screen,for detailed information please refer to page 12-13 Control options
240"Screen - Screen size is available to 240"
Screen selection - Matte White, High Contrast Grey

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