Picturesque Tensioned
Self-tightening system - Both sides of screen utilize a self-tightening system that helps eliminate the “V” shape in the middle of the screen. And they ensure that the screen is as  flat and level  as  the mirror.
Installation is easy - Adjustable floating integrated L-brackets make ceiling or wall installation extremely easy.
Stylish and durable - The alloy aluminum outer case is stylish and durable, available in white or black color.
Unique roller design ensures the flattest screen surface - Large diameter rollers ensure long-term screen integrity
providing a consistent flat projection surface.
Equipped with quiet motor - Equipped with quiet motor keeps a quiet operation.
Equipped with standard 3 button in-line switch - All Seemax control systems are available for this model screen,for detailed information please refer to page 12-13 Control options
Screen selection - HD Cinema , High Contrast Pure-Mat,Acousion Classic A,

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